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At Amp, we research biopharma companies primarily with valuations between $200M and $5B, who have upcoming catalyst events in the next 12 months. Most of the catalyst events are report-outs of clinical trial results and FDA decisions for new therapies that these companies are developing. We invest in some of these companies in the Amp Hedge Fund, LP, as well as a series of hypothetical funds where we test different strategies. Our funds include a group of these companies, with a weighting that is updated regularly according to our assessment of current risk/reward, in order to hedge for the inherent risk and uncertainty in any individual company/catalyst event in this space. 

Meet the Amp Founder

Emanuel "Manny" Vacchiano, J.D., PhD.

Manny Vacchiano is a biopharma investor who identifies and invests in undervalued small and mid-cap ("smid") biopharma companies based on key attributes he has learned through years of biopharma investing. He started Amp in 2017 as a biopharma investment research company and as a series of hypothetical funds testing different investment substrategies, which now includes the Amp Fund, LP hedge fund. 

The Amp family of companies now includes the Ampbioresearch.com web site, a hub for biopharma investors to meet the need for an online hub that was specifically tailored to the unique aspects of smid biopharma investing. These complex companies are typically losing tens of millions of dollars per quarter with valuations that are driven in large part by ongoing clinical trial results and FDA decisions. Investing in them is very exciting, but risky, and requires specialized knowledge and understanding. 

Manny invested in biopharma as a hobby for almost 20 years before dedicating 1/2 his professional time to biopharma investing since founding Amp in 2015. Manny has been a biotech patent attorney for over 20 years at mid-large biotech/healthcare companies and well-known law firms and founded Double Helix Law, a biotech patent law firm. Before his patent law career, he was a PhD scientist at Abbott Laboratories and the National Institutes of Health where he did cancer research.

The Amp Team

Dominic Vacchiano

Dom has been working with Amp for about two years now and in that time has learned a great deal about investing in biotech companies, the drug and regulatory landscape that these companies face, and how these companies operate overall. He is working towards his M.S. in Biotechnology with the focus in Biotech Business Management.


Here at Amp Dom works on a wide variety of projects including handling the day-to-day trades, drawing up options plays, aiding in company analysis, and most recently the development of the ampbioresearch.com site.

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