Our Investment Philosophy​

We have a set of guiding principles that inform and shape our investment decisions. While our investment activities are dynamic and evolve over time, our underlying philosophy keeps us focused and provides a unifying theory: 


A company’s pipeline is its lifeblood- we value deep pipelines that provide many opportunities for success

Attractive Price 

For many reasons, company price can differ from company value-we point out companies at good prices relative to their intrinsic value

Cash Position>Burn Rate

Drug development is expensive-we only highlight companies with sufficient cash to reach their next major milestone


Variant Perspectives

The mainstream view can often be incorrect - We look for opportunities where our understanding of technologies, disorders, patients, and data indicates the mainstream investors are under-pricing a stock


Having a competitive edge is paramount - we gravitate toward biopharma companies whose drugs have an advantage over the current standard of care; sometimes this is based on revolutionary new science, but often it's for practical reasons like as ease of administration/compliance


Drug development takes strong management communication, oversight and systems - We prefer management teams with proven track records who keep investors updated regularly


Understanding the market potential for a new drug is important; we look for companies developing drugs in large market segments that often exceed $1 billion

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