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Scorecard Table - September 2021 Readout

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

(Last updated on 10/4/21; Big Movers and Movers to Watch were separated into two tables on 9/17/21)

Immediately below, is a Scorecard table that will show the stock movements for our September 2021 Big-Mover™ (i.e. biotech stocks to watch) and Movers to Watch companies that had a scheduled catalyst readout in September 2021 (Scorecard Table - September 2021 Readout).

Scorecard Table - September 2021 Readouts for Big Movers

*Relative to XBI

Scorecard Table - September 2021 Readouts for Movers to Watch

*Relative to XBI

**Note the new column indicating if the company had options volatility data; Movers to Watch either had a lower options volatility (has explained further down the article) or no options volatility

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