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biopharm investment


We give investors the data they need to find more biotech investment opportunities.

As a team of scientists and passionate investors ourselves, we understand how time consuming it can be to find investment ideas. We created BiopharmIQ after spending years investing in the space, sourcing, diligencing, and maintaining our own company and asset research.


The information we provide you comes from SEC filings, company websites, press releases, and presentations. We pride ourselves in giving you correct information straight from the source, as well as the tools and education to put that info into action.

Who We Are

​A team of life science professionals and investors.

Manny Vacchiano

Manny Vacchiano, J.D., PhD.


Manny has been a biopharma investor for over 20 years. He understands how complex these companies can be and the effort it takes to find and diligence investment opportunities. Aside from investing, Manny has been a biotech patent attorney for over 20 years. Before his law career, he was a PhD scientist at Abbott Laboratories and the National Institutes of Health where he did cancer research.


Biotech Buddy

Team Mascot

Buddy keeps a close eye on two things. Treats and $XBI (biotech ETF). As the Team Mascot, Buddy has a lot on his plate but he shows up every day with a wagging tail ready to go.

Dominic Vacchiano

Dominic Vacchiano


Dom has his Masters in Biotechnology Business Management which helps him understand how these companies operate, and the regulatory landscape they face. He has experience analyzing and investing in the industry, leveraging his options knowledge to draw up equity and options strategies. Dom earned his undergrad degree in informatics from U of Iowa and contributes to the sites design and functionality.


Join Our Team

Team Member

Interested in working with us? Think your background is a good fit? We're always looking for team members that are interested and versed in the biotech space. Drop us a note and we'll get back to you!

Jump start your biotech due diligence

Our platform helps you uncover your next biotech investment opportunity

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