AMRN Litigation Update - 5/19/20 BIO Brief

On 5/19/20 the BIOTECHNOLOGY INNOVATION ORGANIZATION (BIO), the largest trade organization representing biotech companies and Universities filed an amicus brief in the Amarin appeal. The brief relates to the specific way obviousness analysis is performed and does NOT take a position regarding the validity/non-obviousness of the asserted Amarin patents. I include a footnote below with the conclusion from BIO's amicus brief so you can better see its focus. The appellate court has discretion in whether to consider BIO's amicus brief and the procedural framework it urges the Federal Circuit to adopt, in that brief. It will be interesting to see if more amicus briefs are filed that are consistent with this request.

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Here is the CONCLUSION of the BIO amicus brief, in which you can see its focus on the obviousness analysis framework:

"BIO respectfully submits that the prima facie framework has the potential to

introduce error that the totality framework does not. By endorsing only the totality framework or providing further clarification of the prima facie framework, the Court will ease the task of litigants, lower court judges, and judges of this Court. This can only lead to more accurate case outcomes in future cases furthering the goals of the Patent Act."

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