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Big-Mover Catalyst FAQs

What is a Big-Mover™ event?

Big-Mover™ events are upcoming high-impact biopharma catalyst events, usually clinical trial read-outs, that are expected to move a stock by at least 20% up or down. Big Mover™ events are typically a type of event with the highest chance of moving a stock (e.g. Phase 2, Phase 3, and PDUFA read-outs) for which stock options data indicates that a stock is likely to move up or down by at least 20%. For example, Big-Mover™ events for March 2021 are high-impact catalyst events that are likely to read out before the end of March 2021, that options volatility data indicates are among the most likely events in our database, to move a stock by more than 20%.

What is a Big-Mover™ stock?

A Big-Mover™ stock is a stock that has an upcoming Big-Mover™ event within the next 3 months.

Are Big-Mover™ events expected to drive an underlying stock price significantly higher?

Big-Mover™ read outs can move an underlying stock higher OR LOWER. More specifically, Big-Mover™ events are upcoming high-impact biopharma catalyst events, for which a clear positive or negative result is expected to move a stock either up OR DOWN, respectively.

Why are there Big-Mover™ stocks for an upcoming month that have a high-impact catalyst event that is not scheduled to read out for months?

For these stocks, the stock market has determined that there is a high chance that the underlying stock will move significantly in the short-term (e.g. 4 weeks) because of the pending longer-term (e.g. 2 months) read-out. Sometimes stocks run up or down weeks or months before a high-impact report-out, and the market sometimes predicts that this will occur, driving up volatility for the target stock. Furthermore, sometimes the exact date of a readout is not known by investors with precision.

How can I assure that I have access to upcoming Big-Mover™ analysis?

Become a BPIQ free subscriber (no credit card necessary) today. Just go to and follow the free-trial links.

What is a Bear/Bull analysis?

BPIQ’s Bull/Bear analysis is an assessment made by our experienced biopharma investor team, of reasons that we identify that an event will read out positively (bull thesis) or negatively (bear thesis). We perform this analysis for some of the Big-Mover events and publish it in our forums, linked to the relevant Month’s Big-Mover analysis post.

Does BPIQ provide predictions about whether a catalyst event will pass or fail?

No. However, BPIQ provides its Bull/Bear analysis and expanded IQ Cards for Big-Mover events to help you analyze the event to make your own pass/fail prediction. If you would like to see retail analyst predictions about the likelihood of success for a readout and/or model portfolios, please let us know by sending us a message to


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