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How did Companies Perform at AACR 2023?

First published 4/19/23


  • AACR wrapped up today with just a couple presentations and investor calls

  • Which companies performed best and worst at AACR? Which companies presented the biggest updates?

  • See Table 1 for companies that released a press article during AACR as well as how the stock moved during the conference

  • See our previous BPIQ Pro article HERE for all companies that presented clinical data and which had new data at AACR. Learn more here about subscribing!

AACR just ended and we saw many companies present new or updated clinical data! Several of these presentations were BPIQ Movers to watch for April and saw at least a 10% move after data was presented. See Table 1 for all smid-cap biopharmas that presented as well as links to AACR presentations/press releases when provided by the company. We also included the moves these companies saw during AACR. Most of the top positive moves we saw were from preclinical presentations.

Table 1. AACR23 smid-cap biopharma presentations, press releases and stock moves during conference

See our full forum post to see all companies that reported new data at AACR23!

Company Highlights


  • Preclinical data from CRB-601 in solid tumors

  • Stock Moved 25%!

  • CRB-601 showed dose dependent antitumor activity and that it enhances anti-PD-1 immunotherapy efficacy. Expect to submit IND in the second half of the year!

  • Preclinical data focused on breast cancer EMT6 or colon cancer MC38 models


  • Preclinical data from SNS-103 program in solid tumors

  • Stock Moved 11%

  • SNS-103 targets ENTPDase1 (CD39) which is a rate limiting enzyme creating an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment. The SNS-103 program aims to develop an antibody that binds to CD39.

  • A program candidate will be selected in 2023


  • Phase 1/2 data from EXS-21546 in high adenosine signature cancers

  • Stock Moved 10%

  • This is a functional personalized medicine platform so patients are more likely to respond to treatment. EXS-21546 is the first AI designed immuno-oncology candidate in the clinic and Phase 1 objectives were achieved - PK, PD, safety and tolerability data

  • Selected the starting dose of the ongoing IGNITE Ph1/2 trial and the first patient will be enrolled in the first half of the year


  • Phase 1 data from IMM-1-104 in solid tumors w/ RAS mutations

  • Stock Moved 6%

  • Investor call the morning of April 18th. Data presented supports the potential for IMM-1-104 to treat a broad population of patients and no SAEs were observed. First demonstration of deep cyclic inhibition in humans and data from first patients dosed demonstrate PK, PD, and safety data. Preliminary efficacy data now expected earlier than anticipated from the ongoing Phase 1/2a trial. Recommended Phase 2 dose expected in early 2024.


  • Phase 2 data from AFM13 in PTCL

  • Stock Moved 5%

  • Final data from the AFM13 Phase 2 trial was presented for heavily pretreated r/r Peripheral T cell Lymphoma. Robust activity with an objective response rate of 32.4% and 10.2% complete response rate in the intent to treat population. Plan to focus now on AFM13 + AB-101 NK cells for future PTCL studies.


  • Phase 1a data from Alpha-lactalbumin vaccine in breast cancer

  • Stock Moved -23%

  • Immune responses were observed at all dose levels in the Phase 1 trial, and various levels of antigen-specific T cell responses were observed at all dose levels.

  • However, the study doesn't take into consideration whether recurrence is prevented, even with the responses


  • Phase 1 data from Exarafenib (KN-2787) in melanoma

  • Stock Moved -33%

  • First dose escalation data was reported, showing exarafenib was well tolerated. Monotherapy dose expansion data is expected in the first half of 2024 and combo trial dose selection is expected in the second half of this year.

  • It is unclear why stock is down even with this positive data


  • Phase 1 data from RLY-2608 in breast cancer

  • Stock Moved -34%

  • RLY-2608 selectively targets multiple PI3Ka mutations and multiple doses achieved sustained target exposure

  • Data supports initial proof of mechanism and no Grade 3 hyperglycemia, rash, or diarrhea were observed

  • Expect to initiate expansion cohorts in the second half of this year

  • While this data seemed promising, the market did not seem to react well


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