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Manny Vacchiano

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led by: Manny Vacchiano, JD, PhD




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Amp Helps Investors Find Smid-Cap Biopharma Top Picks

  • Our main goal is to provide small and mid-cap biopharma stock picks (smid-caps) that will help you make money

  • We are led by Manny Vacchiano, JD, PhD, who has been investing in smid-caps since the 1990s

  • Try our 1 Week Free Trial so you can check us out before you commit

  • Our Core portfolio is focused on smid-caps that in our view are most likely to provide outsized returns over a 1-2 year time frame

  • Plus you get all the features of BPIQ Pro - Catalyst Calendar, Pipeline Screener, Big Mover stocks to watch, Drug IQ cards, & more!

What You Get As An Amp Member

  • At least 1 smid-cap biopharma pick every month, that in our view has an excellent chance for share growth in 2 years or less

  • Access to our Amp Core model portfolio (emphasis on smid-cap biopharma with outsized return potential in 1-2 years)

  • Access to our Amp Run-Up model portfolio (emphasis on playing smid-cap biopharma in months leading up to a big-mover event)

  • Access to our private Twitter feed where we provide notifications when we buy/sell and other biopharma trading updates.

  • Articles and forum posts with further insights for biopharma investors

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How You Can Use The Amp Membership

  • Get new company/investment ideas for your own portfolios.

  • Jumpstart your own diligence with our analysis articles.

  • Get another perspective with Amp’s thoughts/investments/trades.

  • You can even mimic the Amp portfolios with low/no diligence on your end.

How Have Amp’s Portfolios Performed?

  • Our Core portfolio outperformed XBI in 2022.

  • Our Core’s best year was 2019 with a 34% return.

  • Our Core outperformed XBI in 2 of the last 3 years since our launch

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