Key Readout Fast Approaching for FOMX

Looking at available information, it is likely that FOMX will read out its pivotal repeat phase 3 trial of FMX101 for acne some time between August 8 and September 8, 2018. The stock is still down around 40% below its value in February 2017, just before the disappointing readout of the prior Phase 3 trials, where only 1 of those 2 trials met both primary endpoints. However, pooled data of both of the prior trials met both primary endpoints. The current trial has more patients than the combined prior trials and FOMX apparently has worked on better training related to a questionnaire that is used for one of the primary endpoints. We still consider this a medium-high risk event based on our experience with repeats of prior failed phase 3 trials for companies that have never successfully brought a drug to market. However, there is an attractive upside, which should at least reach the Feb 2017 levels, which is over 50% above current values. If you want to dig in further, we've published our catalyst card of information for this event at the following link:

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