ARRY shows encouraging Ph3 data in BRAF mutant CRC

Congrats to ARRY on positive data for mutant BRAF colorectal cancer (CRC). This interim data should lead to FDA/EMA approvals in this indication and more revenue for ARRY both short-term, because it is already listed on at least one set of guidelines, and long-term post-approval of the likely sNDA filing. Mostly congrats to mBRAF CRC patients who now have a treatment option with positive phase 3 data.

Stock market reaction of over 15% increase at this time (mid-day) is higher than we expected with ORR data of 26.1% in these interim results much lower than 48% in safety lead-in, and with some similar ORR in earlier phase trials for competitive drug candidates. ORR might increase with more time but unlikely to get to safety lead-in ORR levels.

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