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Big/Suspected Movers FAQ/User Guide

What is a Big-Mover™ event?

Big-Mover™ events are upcoming high-impact biopharma catalyst events, usually clinical trial read-outs, that are expected to move a stock by at least 20% up or down. Big Mover™ events are typically a type of event with the highest chance of moving a stock (e.g. Phase 2, Phase 3, and PDUFA read-outs) given the importance of the clinical asset to the sponsor company. We call clinical events that appear likely to be Big Mover events Suspected Big Mover events, until/unless stock options data for the sponsor company indicates that the stock is likely to move up or down by at least 20% within the relevant time period.

The following Big/Suspected Mover Criteria outline further elaborates on this:

  • Stage

  • Indication

  • MOA

  • Furthest asset in clinical trials

  • Lead asset

  • Most mentioned/talked about asset

  • Implied volatility IV data (option data that is used to elevate Suspected Big Mover events to Big Mover events)

What is a Big-Mover™ stock?

A Big-Mover™ stock is a stock that has an upcoming Big-Mover™ or Suspected Big-Mover™ event within the next 3 months (per quarter).

What is a Future-Mover™ stock?

Future Movers are readouts that we believe will be Big/Suspected Movers in future quarters. As these readouts get closer, we will analyze the volatility data along with the additional criteria mentioned above to determine if any of these Futures Movers become Big or Suspected Movers.

Are Big-Mover™ events expected to drive an underlying stock price significantly higher?

Big-Mover™ read outs can move an underlying stock higher OR LOWER. More specifically, Big-Mover™ events are upcoming high-impact biopharma catalyst events, for which a clear positive or negative result is expected to move a stock either up OR DOWN, respectively. It is often very difficult to determine in advance, whether a readout of a Big-Mover event will be positive or negative, and drive a stock up or down, respectively. However, knowledge that such events are coming is important to shareholders, and given the higher likelihood that Big-Mover events will be a negative vs. positive readout, unless shareholders have more confidence that a readout will be positive, pulling back a position before a readout may be warranted. Furthermore, diligence on the underlying stock can help to determine any differences in the possible magnitude of the positive or negative move.

Do stocks with upcoming Big Mover events, move in anticipation of the event?

Sometimes stocks run up or down weeks or months before a high-impact report-out, and the market sometimes predicts that this will occur, driving up volatility for the target stock well in advance of an important upcoming readout. Such moves can affect whether there is a higher magnitude of upside or downside risk in an upcoming readout. It is noteworthy that the overall status of the biotech/biopharma sector (bear or bull biopharma market) can effect whether the market is more likely to run up or down, or at all, into upcoming readouts.

Does BPIQ provide predictions about whether a catalyst event will pass or fail?

No. However, our higher level services (e.g., Elite and Amp services) provide some deeper analysis of specific biopharma stocks and/or technology or disease areas, to help customers identify or diligence biopharma stocks.

Want access to all our Big Mover data?

This article is NOT legal, investment or tax advice. Please do your own diligence before making any investment decisions.

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I am an Elite subscribe, how or where can l get those deep analysis from stocks? By the way, Mreo when is the exact date of the data reading? Thanks

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