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June 2021 Biotech Big-Mover Stocks to Watch

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

For our current month's Big-Mover stocks to watch after June 2021, go to


  • Every month we identify biotech Big-Mover stocks to watch with key upcoming clinical trial readouts.

  • Our initial July/August Biotech Stocks to Watch includes 17 companies.

  • As of 6/26/21, we expect 8 more Big-Mover clinical trial readouts this month.

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Every month we identify biotech Big-Mover stocks to watch by identifying catalyst events that should move an underlying stock by at least 20% up or down if clearly positive or negative data is reported. We call these Big-Mover™ catalysts (See our FAQs here). June is one of the busiest months of the year for clinical trial readouts, which makes it a fun month for biotech investors. On the week of 6/13/2021 five new hot stocks to watch were added to our full list of June 2021 Big Mover stocks to watch, now bringing the total to 17 stocks to watch. Table 1 shows the June Big-Mover stocks to watch that have read out thus far. The stocks moved between 15-38% on the day of the catalyst read out!

As of 6/26/21, there are still 8 big-mover stocks left that are likely to read out this month.

TABLE 1. Big-Mover Stocks to Watch that read out as of 6/25/21

*Relative to XBI

**PDSB did a stock raise/dilution

***SLS has another trial that is expected to read out in Q2 2021

For our full June Biotech Stocks to Watch (Big-Mover™ catalyst) list see our current Big-Mover page (HERE) and our June Big-Mover full forum post (HERE)



Our June 2021 biotech stocks to watch, which all have Big-Mover™ catalysts scheduled to read out in June, include the following repeats from April and June: ATXI/FBIO. These companies (FBIO is the parent company of ATXI) await the FDA's decision for their opioid Tramadol in post-operative pain (PDUFA was April 12) ( subscribers can read our bull/bear analysis HERE).


Of course, there are new additions to our Big-Mover catalyst list for June, which is one of the busiest months of the year for catalyst report-outs. Based on our deep analysis of smid-cap clinical updates at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting (See our ASCO Investor's Guide here) and the European Hematology Association (EHA) annual meeting (EHA Investor's Guide coming this week), our June 2021 Big-Mover™ catalysts include PDSB and APTO, respectively. PDSB is already up over 100% since its ASCO abstract was released, and there should be updated data at the oral presentation at ASCO tomorrow and the investor call on Tuesday, of its cancer vaccine, PDS0101, for HPV-associated cancers (See our PDSB blog post here). At EHA, later this week, APTO reports updated phase 1 data from their Btk and Flt3 kinase inhibitor APTO253 in certain blood cancers. It appears to us that APTO's stock price will be highly effected by any major positive or negative data from the ongoing Phase 1 trials.


There are many companies on our June Big-Mover™ stocks-to-watch list that are not ASCO or EHA presenters. subscribers (30-day free trial (no credit card)) can see our current Big-Mover™ stocks to watch on our Big-Mover™ page (HERE). Furthermore, we try to include some future Big-Mover™ stocks to watch too on that page. For example, we again include CVM and their Phase 3 Multikine immuno-oncology report out in our list, but we have moved it to July, although as we've written about (HERE), predicting that readout date is highly speculative.

In addition to our Big-Mover stocks to watch subscriber page, our monthly Big-Mover™ catalyst forum post (June Big-Mover full forum post is HERE) provides more details and links to any detailed analysis we've performed on individual report-outs. Plus, you can check out our prior Big-Mover catalyst results in our subscriber forum as well. Finally, for this catalyst-filled month of June, we continue to analyze report-outs and continue to add companies, which brings our list now to 17 stocks to watch.

June is such a fun month for biopharma investors since so many report-outs will happen in the 2nd half of June (end of Q2), as they do every year. We hope you have great success in any biopharma investment picks you make this month.


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