ASCO 2018 Amp Noteworthy Abstracts

At Amp, we research biopharma companies primarily with valuations between $200M and $5B, who have upcoming catalyst events in the next 12 months, and track our performance through our hypothetical fund. This weekend starts the most important clinical cancer conference of the year – ASCO. We are particularly interested in ASCO presentations by DVAX, FGEN, IDRA, LOXO, NKTR, NLNK, ONCS, TGTX, and TSRO. Ahead of this data we have started, increased or continue to hold positions in each of these companies in our Amp 1.0 hypothetical fund.

The abstracts below are of special interest to us and include abstracts from the companies mentioned above. Most or all of these include efficacy results from clinical trials from some of our target companies. Download the document here to view links to each abstract and more info.


Assets (binimetinib and encorafenib) that ARRY is commercially developing itself:

Poster Board: #268 • Abstract 4079 Title: Phase Ib study of binimetinib (MEK162) in combination with capecitabine in gemcitabine-pretreated advanced biliary tract cancer.

Abstract 9504 Title: Overall survival in COLUMBUS: A phase 3 trial of encorafenib (ENCO) plus binimetinib (BINI) vs vemurafenib (VEM) or enco in BRAF-mutant melanoma.

Assets discovered by ARRY commercialization partners:

Selumetinib – MEK inhibitor - AstraZeneca:

Abstract 10503 Title: SPRINT: Phase II study of the MEK 1/2 inhibitor selumetinib

(AZD6244, ARRY-142886) in children with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1)

and inoperable plexiform neurofibromas (PN).

Tucatinib - HER2 inhibitor - Cascadian Therapeutics (previously named Oncothyreon):

Poster Board: #96 • Abstract 1015 TITLE: Clinical benefit of tucatinib after isolated brain progression: A retrospective pooled analysis of tucatinib phase 1b studies in HER2+ breast cancer.

Prexasertib - Chk-1 inhibitor - Eli Lilly and Company.

Poster Board: #405 • Abstract 2579 Title: A phase 1b dose-escalation study of prexasertib, a checkpoint kinase 1 (CHK1) inhibitor, in combination with cisplatin in patients with advanced cancer

Other ARRY partner data will be presented for the following:

Ipatasertib - AKT - Genentech:

Varlitinib - pan-HER inhibitor - ASLAN Pharmaceuticals:


Abstract 3001 Title:Anti-CD27 agonist antibody varlilumab (varli) with nivolumab (nivo) for colorectal (CRC) and ovarian (OVA) cancer: Phase (Ph) 1/2 clinical trial results.


Poster Board: #340 • Abstract 9513 Phase 1b/2, open label, multicenter, study of the combination of SD-101 and pembrolizumab in patients with advanced melanoma who are naïve to anti-PD-1 therapy.


Poster Board: #121 • Abstract 8515 Phase 2, multicenter study of the EZH2 inhibitor tazemetostat as monotherapy in adults with relapsed or refractory (R/R) malignant mesothelioma (MM) with BAP1 inactivation.


Poster Board: #205 • Abstract 4016 Effect of anti-CTGF human recombinant monoclonal antibody pamrevlumab on resectability and resection rate when combined with gemcitabine/nab-paclitaxel in phase 1/2 clinical study for the treatment of locally advanced pancreatic cancer patients.


Poster Board: #342 • Abstract 9515 A phase 2 study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Intratumoral (IT) injection of the TLR9 agonist IMO-2125 (IMO) in combination with ipilimumab (ipi) in PD-1 inhibitor refractory melanoma.


Abstract 102

A phase 1 study of LOXO-292, a potent and highly selective RET inhibitor, in patients with RET-altered cancers.


Poster discussion Session – Abstract 3006

NKTR-214 (CD122-biased agonist) plus nivolumab in patients with advanced solid tumors: Preliminary phase 1/2 results of PIVOT.


Poster Discussion Session: Poster Board #204 – Abstract 4015 – Phase 2 trial of the IDO pathway inhibitor indoximod plus gemcitabine / nab-paclitaxel for the treatment of patients with metastatic pancreas cancer – to be presented during the discussion session, “Gastrointestinal (Noncolorectal) Cancer,” Sunday, June 3, 2018, 4:45 PM – 6:00 PM CT

Poster Discussion Session: Poster Board #339 – Abstract 9512 – Phase 2 trial of the IDO pathway inhibitor indoximod plus checkpoint inhibition for the treatment of patients with advanced melanoma – to be presented during the discussion session, “Melanoma/Skin Cancers,” Monday, June 4, 2018, 4:45 PM – 6:00 PM CT


Abstract Title: Trial in progress: A phase 2 study of intratumoral pIL-12 plus electroporation in combination with intravenous pembrolizumab in patients with stage III/IV melanoma progressing on either pembrolizumab or nivolumab treatment (PISCES). (Abstract #TPS9601)


Poster Board: #167 • Abstract 7530 A phase 2 study to assess the safety and efficacy of umbralisib (TGR-1202) in pts with CLL who are intolerant to prior BTK or PI3Kδ inhibitor therapy.


Poster Board: #430b • Abstract TPS2613 Toca 6: A phase 1b study of Toca 511 and Toca FC in patients with advanced solid tumors or lymphoma.


Abstract 106 TOPACIO/Keynote-162 (NCT02657889): A phase 1/2 study of niraparib + pembrolizumab in patients (pts) with advanced triple-negative breast cancer or recurrent ovarian cancer (ROC)—Results from ROC cohort.

Poster Board: #241 • Abstract 5514 QUADRA: A phase 2, open-label, single-arm study to evaluate niraparib in patients (pts) with relapsed ovarian cancer (ROC) who have received ≥3 prior chemotherapy regimens.

Abstract 1011 TOPACIO/Keynote-162: Niraparib + pembrolizumab in patients (pts) with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), a phase 2 trial.


Poster Board: #170 • Abstract 7533 The efficacy of duvelisib monotherapy following disease progression on ofatumumab monotherapy in patients with relapsed/refractory CLL or SLL in the DUO crossover extension study.



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