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Nektar Therapeutics continues run in 2017 with Positive Data for NKTR-181 in Chronic Lower Back Pain

Nektar Therapeutics (NASDAQ: NKTR) announced on March 20th that NKTR-181 met its primary and several secondary endpoints in chronic lower back pain.

Patients on NKTR-181 experienced a 65% reduction in pain score prior to randomization. Following randomization, the difference in mean change in pain scores was 1.25 vs 0.56, respectively in the placebo and NKTR-181 arms. NKTR-181 demonstrated sustained pain relief over the 12 weeks of the study and patients on NKTR-181 saw general improvements in sleep patterns.

According to management, NKTR-181 may not need additional study to gain marketing approval. They plan to talk to potential interested companies within the next 3 months who have a strong standing in the pain field with the goal of establishing a strategic collaboration.

Nektar is one of AMP Biotech Research's quarterly picks for Q1 2017. AMP is a biotech research firm that publishes a quarterly list of companies with attractive valuations and near-term catalysts. To see all of AMP's picks for Q1 2017, go to

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