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ASCO 2022 - Meeting Updates

Updated: Jun 9, 2022


  • The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual 2022 Meeting is taking place from June 3-7, 2022

  • See our prior post for lots of info about this meeting.

  • Added 6/6/22: Update regarding today's and 6/7/22 presentations.

  • 6/7/22 presentation times now updated

  • Our BPIQ Pro expanded version of this article and associated ASCO'22 Google Sheet for investors is available to Pro subscribers. (SIGN UP NOW (free trial)).

  • Updated 6/9/22 - Tables 2 & 3 added with top ASCO movers

ASCO 2022

ASCO 2022 is taking place in person from June 3-7, 2022 in Chicago, IL and also virtually again (#ASCO22). ASCO is very important for biotech investors because it is the largest oncology meeting globally and features presentations about cancer research, world-renowned researchers, clinical trial updates, and online discussions. Compared to the Annual Association of Clinical Research (AACR) annual meeting, ASCO presentations include more with clinical trial updates, whereas AACR is more pre-clinical focused. BPIQ monitors info regarding ASCO presentations from smid-cap biopharma companies from many sources to identify for you, those companies and presentations that are clinical trial data updates and those trials that are most likely to be stock movers. We compiled this info in our BPIQ ASCO 2022 Smid-Cap Biopharma Clinical Update Table. We continue to monitor ASCO-related info related to smid-cap bipharma clinical trials to update our ASCO 2022 table.


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June 6, 2022 Update

Lots of exciting presentations and data at ASCO2022 as anticipated

Here's info on today's investor calls and ASCO presentations

Today's investor calls:


$ZYME 3:30PM



Today's presentations:

$ACET 8:00am CDT

$CADL 8:00am CDT

$IMV 8:00am CDT

$ZYME 8:00am CDT

$HARP 8:00am CT

$ADXS 8:00 CDT & 1:15pm CDT

$VERU 8:00am & 1:15pm

$ANIX 9:00am EDT

$BYSI 9:00am EDT

$PBYI 9:00am ET

$CLVS 9:00am & 2:15pm EDT

$CORT 9:00am CDT

$JAZZ 9:00 AM

$INO 12:42pm CDT

$ALKS 1:15pm CDT

$AYLA 1:15pm CDT

$CKPT 1:15pm CDT

$CUE 1:15pm CDT

$IMCR 1:15pm CDT

$IMMP 1:15pm CDT

$IOVA 1:15pm CDT

$PDSB 1:15pm CDT

$REPL 1:15pm CDT

$LPTX 2:15pm ET

$MRTX 5:30pm ET

Today's most important presentations for smid-cap investors include the following:

Stocks that have moved up big apparently on ASCO abstracts with ASCO presentations today include ZYME (+ and BYSI.

ZYME is up 33% since May 13 and will present updated Ph1/2 data on its anti-HER2 bi-specific antibody in combo with docetaxel in 1st line HER2 positive breast cancer.

BYSI stock was crushed late last year when it's NDA for Plinabulin was rejected by the FDA. The stock has rebounded very well (+25%) since May 13, 2022, apparently on its ASCO poster data. It will be interesting to see whether today's quality of life data on Plin can help propel the stock even higher.

Stocks that have moved down a lot apparently on ASCO abstracts with ASCO presentations today, that have started to rebound include IOVA and MRTX. IOVA's updated data on its TIL cell therapy treatment. Thus far the market has hit IOVA hard (-44% since May 13, 2022) apparently disappointed by the abstract data. In our twitter poll, investors seem to feel this was not fully justified. Let's see if the detailed presentation changes IOVA's fate today.

MRTX is presenting more data on MRTX849 (Adagrasib) today. It has been one of the biggest down movers since May 13 also (-22%). And data on this trial was presented by MRTX on Friday. Thus, we don't expect a huge MRTX move today unless However, the stock started to recover late last week. Maybe things will turn around this week for MRTX, and maybe today's presentation on brain mets will help.

Our BPIQ Pro expanded version of this article and the associated master Google Sheet is available to Pro subscribers. (SIGN UP NOW (free trial)).

Phase and target or technology for 6/6/22 presentations


#ANIX (a-lact) #HARP (pegfil) #CUE (HPV16) #JAZZ (DNA) #ADXS (Ags) #ACET (CD20) #IMV (survivin)


#ZYME (HER2) #VERU (Pegfil) #REPL (T cell act thru engineered HSV) #LPTX (DKK1) #INO (Ags+IL12)


#IMMP (LAG3) #PBYI (EGFR) #ALKS (IL2) #ADXS (Ags) #CADL (HSV-tk) #PDSB (HPV16) #AYLA (g-secretase) #MRTX (KRAS) #IOVA (TILs)


#BYSI (GCSF) #CKPT (PDL1) #CORT (Pegfil) #IMCR (gp100) #VERU (AR) #CLVS (PARP)

June 7, 2022 Update

Investor calls

$PDSB 8am

$PMVP 6:30pm



$TPST 9:45am CDT

$PMVP 9:45am CDT

$ELEV 9:45am CDT

$JAZZ 10:45am

$PTGX 10:45am CDT


Phase and target or technology for 6/7/22 presentations


#TPST (PPARa) #PMVP (p53 reactivator)


#ELEV (HER2) #PTGX (hormone mimetic)


#JAZZ (asparaginase)



Updated 6/9/2022

ASCO concluded on Tuesday 6/7/22, and many smid-cap biopharmas saw large stock moves upon abstract release and/or presentations during the previous week. Table 2 shows the top five positive moves and Table 3 shows the top five negative moves. See our full forum article for all of the company moves from before abstracts were released to the concluding day of ASCO.

Table 2. Top ASCO moves (top 5 positive moves from May 13 - June 7)

Table 3. Top ASCO moves (top 5 negative moves from May 13-June 7)


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* Article originally published 5/13/22

Last updated 6/6/22

**"Once an abstract has been publicly released by ASCO and the embargo has lifted, you may widely distribute a press release containing the full data, including any additional or updated data that will be presented at the meeting even if not included in the abstract itself" (

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