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ESMO 2021 SmidCap Biopharma Investor Guide

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

(Last updated 9/14/2021.)

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The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) has over 25,000 members across 150 countries and holds the ESMO Congress every year. “The ESMO Congress is the most influential oncology platform designed in Europe for clinicians, researchers, patient advocates, journalists and healthcare industry representatives from all over the world.” ( As with other medical conferences, ESMO went to a virtual platform in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue with a virtual meeting in September 2021 as well. This congress will feature latest advancements in treatment of cancer and offers an excellent educational program, with opportunities for an exchange of ideas among delegates. ( The hashtag #ESMO21 can be used to follow the presentations and conference as a whole. ESMO even has its own events app to allow participants to track presentations and browse scientific programs by cancer type, track, and topic and allow individuals to make their own event agendas.

ESMO21 starts September 16, 2021 and extends through September 21. All ePosters will be available on September 16th at 8:30AM CEST (2:30AM EST). Some companies are also presenting their data at specific times in mini-oral presentations. As shown in FIG. 1, abstracts accepted as posters will be released on the ESMO website on 9/13/21 and abstracts accepted as proffered papers or mini oral presentations will be released on 9/17/21. Data and information included in these abstracts is under embargo until the specific date cited in FIG. 1.

FIG. 1 ESMO21 Key Dates (

Browse the full ESMO21 program HERE.

Every year, upon abstract release and as a result of presentations at the conference, some biopharma stocks move significantly because they report important clinical trial updates. As experienced biopharma investors understand, the value of a biopharma company is based in large part on the value of its clinical assets. This value takes into account the likelihood of success of the clinical assets of the underlying company in successfully completing clinical trials. An update to a clinical trial that shows some positive results in safety and especially efficacy, can increase the chance of success for that trial, which increases the value of the asset and the underlying company. The converse is true as well, for disappointing results.

Positive clinical trial results in a single trial can have a significant impact on the underlying stock price. This is especially true for biopharma companies with market caps under $5 billion, who typically have far less clinical and approved assets than larger companies, and thus whose valuation can be more affected by a single drug candidate and trial. The clinical assets of these micro, small and mid-cap cancer biopharma companies are a primary driver for the development of future cancer therapies.

With respect to ESMO21 and biomedical conferences in general, a big challenge for investors is to identify in advance, companies that are reporting significant clinical trial updates at the conference. Many presentations provide less significant information with respect to company valuation (e.g. preclinical results or clinical trial design). At BiopharmIQ (; "BPIQ") we oversee a database of information about clinical assets and their upcoming clinical trial and other catalyst events for virtually every biopharma company with a market cap of between $100M and $5B, which for convenience in this article, we will refer to as smid-cap biopharma companies. Currently, our database has over 500 smid-cap biopharma companies. Our goal at BPIQ is to provide information and education on smid-CAP biopharma companies to level the playing field for all investors, whether retail, professional or institutional.

To this end, our team updated and scoured through our BPIQ database to identify biopharma companies that are presenting clinical trial updates at ESMO21. Table 1 (provided at the end of this article) lists those companies in our BPIQ database that are presenting clinical update(s) at ESMO21. Table 1 provides the drug candidate name, indication, and clinical phase. Also included in this table are presentation and investor call times, short notes about the data to be presented, links to press releases, and assets named as Big Movers or Movers to Watch for September.

The question for biopharma investors now with respect to the actual ESMO21 virtual meeting being held September 16-21 is which stocks or groups of stocks are likely to move upon the release of the ESMO21 abstract, poster, oral presentation, or associated investor meeting. FIG. 1 again shows the release dates and times for abstracts, and almost all of the posters will be released on September 16th at 2:30AM Eastern. We plan to continue to analyze the ESMO21 abstracts and press releases, to identify those companies that are most likely presenting important clinical updates at poster or oral presentations at ESMO21, and plan to update this information on In the meantime, the information provided in this article provides an interesting snapshot into the smid-cap biopharma companies that are developing some of our most exciting future medicines. For investors, these companies represent an exciting opportunity for further diligence and possible investment.

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Table 1. smidCAP biopharma companies presenting clinical updates at ESMO21



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