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Free Biopharma Daily Stock Updates - 01/14/22

$XBI $100.49 | +2.44% d


Covid Updates

$RDHL +2.9% RedHill Biopharma's Oral Opaganib Significantly Improves Viral Clearance in Phase 2/3 Study in Severely Ill Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients source

Pipeline Updates

$NOVN +1.1% Novan Announces Presentation of Two Posters at the 2022 Winter Clinical Dermatology Conference Presenting Completed Phase 2 and Phase 3 trial data. source

$PIRS +3.6% Pieris Pharmaceuticals Announces Dosing of First Patient in Phase 2 Gastric Cancer Trial of 4–1BB/HER2 Bispecific Cinrebafusp Alfa. source

$CRVS +2.3% Corvus Pharma initiates Phase 1/1b trial of CPI-818 for T-cell lymphomas in China. source

$VYNE -12.5% On 1/13 VYNE Therapeutics Divests Topical Minocycline Assets. source

Business Updates

$NRXP -0.7% NRx Responds to Relief’s Allegations of January 14, 2022. source

$VNDA +3.4% Vanda Pharmaceuticals Settles HETLIOZ® Patent Litigation with MSN. source


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