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Free Biopharma Daily Stock Updates - 03/17/21

$XBI $147.53 +1%


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Pipeline Updates

$SAGE +3% 12-month data from ongoing ph 3 SHORELINE study of 30 mg and interim data from 50 mg of Zuranolone for MDD. Additional data from 50 mg cohort expected in late 2021. source

$LTRN +3% Files 7 patent applications on new LP-284 compound based on anticancer properties. source

$IMRA -1% DMCs for Ardent and Forte ph 2b trials of IM-687 for SCD and beta-thal recommended opening the pre-specified higher dose treatment arms. source

$SANA +8% Granted a non-exclusive license to use Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics iPSC platform for the development of commercial cell therapies. source

$AMRN +3% Post-hoc analysis of REDUCE-IT study for strokes in at-risk patients. source

$ESPR +3% Results from ph 2 study of ezetimibe + atorvastatin for LCL-C for hypercholesterolemia, results published in journal Atherosclerosis. source

$ARQT +5% New long term data for ph 2 open-label study of roflumilast 0.3% cream in adults with mild-to-severe chronic plaque psoriasis at Innovations in Dermatology Conference. source

$SRRK -2% US Patent issued with claims that cover both add-on and combo therapy with a myostatin inhibitor and a neuronal corrector therapy for the treatment of SMA. source

$TBIO +3% Announces results from 2nd interim analysis from ongoing ph 1/2 study of MRT5005 in cystic fibrosis. source

$SGMO +3% EMA grants Orphan Drug Designation for BIVV003 for sickle cell disease. source

Financial Updates

$SLDB +4% Offering. source

$PHAS -6% Offering. source



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