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Q1 2022 EcoR1 Biotech Hedge Fund Update

Updated: May 19, 2022

At BPIQ we have started to track quarterly 13F filings for some of the largest biotech hedge funds. Q1 2022 13F filings were made on or just before May 16, 2022. We focused on EcoR1, RA Capitol, Baker Brothers, Perceptive Advisors and Orbimed Partners, some of the largest and best known biotech hedge funds. Like most biotech investors, these funds had a tough year in 2021 (See "Hedge Funds Suffer Big Losses in Biotech Rout" (The Wall Street Journal 12/6/21)) and likely have had troubles this year, as headwinds from the biotech sector push hard against even the most experienced biotech investors.


Table EcoR1-1 provides the stocks that EcoR1 added in Q1 2022. Table EcoR1-2 lists the stocks whose positions EcoR1 closed out (sold all shares) in Q1 2022. Table EcoR1-3 provides a listing of the top 10 holdings of the hedge fund EcoR1. It is interesting that EcoR1's top 10 holdings do not include any large cap stocks. Their top 10 holdings have market caps that range from $591M to $5.9B. These top 10 holdings are all smid-cap biopharma companies that are in our BPIQ database.

We extracted a lot more info about EcoR1 and the other biotech hedge funds listed above. Subscribers can find our full article with extended analysis and get access to a Google Sheet with all the details here

Table EcoR1-1. The following stocks were added to the EcoR1 fund in Q1, 2022:

Table EcoR1-2. All of the shares of the following stocks were sold in the ECOR1 fund in Q1, 2022:

Table 3 ECOR1 Top 10 holdings Q1 2022

This article is NOT legal, investment or tax advice. Please do your own diligence before making any investments.

*Article history:

First posted: 5/16/22 (only Ecor1 info)



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