Roche Close to Buying ONCE according to WSJ

In case you missed our posts on Linked-In and Twitter yesterday, the Wall Street Journal is reporting big news in gene therapy and biopharma this wekend: WSJ reports that Roche is close to closing a deal to buy gene therapy company Spark Therapeutics (ONCE) for close to $5 billion. They claim that the deal could be announced Monday if not sooner. This would be a hefty price tag for Spark since it closed Friday with a market cap just under $2 billion and about $500 million in assets minus liabilities. This news should drive up small and mid-cap gene therapy stocks, at least some of which have been running higher this year already. In fact, this news will probably drive up small and mid-cap biopharma stocks in general since it continues the pace of recent multi-billion dollar acquisitions.

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