Smid-Cap Covid-19 Vaccine Company Update

Updated: Apr 24

There has been some big news in the past few weeks with respect to Covid-19 vaccines. See our other free blog posts from this week for more details. The Covid-19 vaccine market is evolving rapidly. We see some safety differences potentially developing that might be related to the technology used and/or the specific immunogen (See my prior detailed forum post on this). We can see winners and losers shaking out. With today's announcement from INO that the U.S. government will not fund their Phase 3 trial for their Covid-19 vaccine because of the number of emergency use authorized vaccines in the U.S., we can see a shift to ex-U.S. markets and to vaccines that look ahead to variants.

Below is our table of $100M to $5B market cap COVID-19 vaccine players that are listed on a U.S. stock exchange and have an active clinical trial. This is a comprehensive list as far as we have been able to find, if not exhaustive. mRNA technology seems to be a stand-out in this COVID-19 vaccine development given Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna's performance thus far. It is noteworthy that we don't find any mRNA vaccine companies on our $100M to $5B market cap U.S. list. However, if adenoviral vectors more frequently cause some rare blood clotting safety issues, there are plenty of other options. However, that safety issue is probably a complex multi-factor issue (see my previous post on this). With the recent news from OCGN in their trial in India, it seems clear that inactivated virus is still a viable option. What is most clear is that speed is a huge factor in this market. This is all excellent news for society in general, as many options for vaccines, with various pros and cons, give us an arsenal with which to combat this pandemic globally.

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