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Why was INO on a Roller-Coaster Today?

INO reported encouraging news today, publishing results showing that their COVID-19 vaccine showed through in vitro tests on patient blood samples, that it appears to have similar efficacy against COVID variants as the current COVID vaccines, and may have better immunogenicity against the Brazilian variant. The stock was up over 15% early today, but as of this mid-day report, has pulled back to up around 3%, while biopharma indices are up around 1%. What drove INO back down? Maybe the realization by investors that INO is far behind in launch timing, the RNA vaccine makers, and even the viral DNA COVID vaccine of Pfiizer and the protein-based COVID vaccine of Novavax.

On, we have a much more thorough article on today's report out and INO's technology, including some of its advantages over other COVID vaccines. Plus, INO has many vaccines in its pipeline and our INO pipeline page shows all of those, along with any other expected clinical report out dates, and detailed IQ cards about each, including their COVID vaccine. Just go to and sign up for a free 30-day trial (no credit card required) and get instant access to all this information.



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