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Will VXRT Short Squeeze Continue?

VXRT shares rose 37.5% today on huge volume. The stock is heavily shorted, with Seeking Alpha reporting over a 20% short interest, and until the last few days, was on a downward trend with a market cap still under $1 billion. Thus, it appears that the following recent PR announcements may have triggered a short squeeze today:

1) additional Ph1 data at the upcoming May 3 KOL event and/or

2) (less likely in our view) oral vaccine preference poll triggered a short squeeze today.

Is there more room to squeeze shorts for this stock?

There are plenty of pros and cons about this vaccine that make it difficult for long-term investors to decide whether to make a play in this stock. Join BPIQ and read our VXRT oral Covid vaccine forum post with bull and bear comments. Just go to our home page at and follow the free trial (no credit card) links. Plus, get more info on VXRT on our pipeline page with IQ cards for each asset at

Finally, you can also check out our free blog post with helpful chart of investible small and mid-cap covid vaccine companies here:



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