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Experienced PhD biotech patent attorney and biopharma investor Manny Vacchiano, is making his ongoing analysis of the AMRN litigation available in Amp's retail investor patent investor subscription.

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"Thanks, really helped clarify alot."

"Manny - thanks for your commentary. Much appreciated. ... I am not good with legal language and this was my first biotech investment where I am down 85% (yes, unfortunately I got in at the highs). I thought Amarin's patent was rejected by USPTO multiple times for the same "obviousness" reason before it was finally approved - so I was also confident of the favorable outcome for Amarin. I got carried away with all the amazing results from REDUCE-IT trial and sitting on huge paper losses. I hope to follow your future commentary here as you, as a biotech patent attorney, are a better authority than most. "

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Amarin's value dropped over 75% when the district court ruled against it in March in its Vascepa generic drug patent trial. Recently Amarin filed its appeal and this important ongoing process has begun. A good result in the appeal and AMRN could jump 3X or more. A negative result and it's stock price likely loses at least 33% of its value.

Get insights in this pending litigation that are usually only understood by institutional investors who can justify $10,000s on patent attorney fees. During the appeal process there will be important events like details of the briefs that are filed, and oral arguments. Plus, there are other events that are less widely understood and watched by retail investors that could result in big stock moves. Don't get misled by all the misinformation provided on Seeking Alpha, Twitter, and other retail investor sites, by commentators who are not experienced biotech patent attorneys and don't spend hours of time performing proper legal research into this very complex litigation.

Manny is making this available to retail investor at a fraction of his billable rates because he has a passion for retail investors, since he is a retail investor himself. For a limited time, we are offering the subscription for only $249/month. The promotion ENDS ON October 30, 2020, after which time the subscription will be at least $499/month. Join today, and get insights before and as key potentially stock price-moving events unfold in this litigation. Don't be left in the dark or misled by misinformed commentators. Cancel anytime, so sign up today!

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